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five college students walking in front of st johns university wall on campus
Q&A with Dr. Ashley T. Martino – Director of MS in Health Sciences at SJU

We talked to him about what makes the MSHS unique, and how his program helps students prepare for medical school, clinical research careers, and other health profession programs."

Advanced Study Habits You’ll Need in Medical School

Your pre-med (and post-bacc) years are a great time to start building advanced study habits that will help you in medical school. Learn more.

Post-Bacc Program Director Spotlight: Blair Nelson, M.D., Bethel University

Dr. Blair Nelson talks about the integration of health science and a faith-based dedication to service in this interview about the Bethel University Master of Science in Medical Sciences.

Going from RN to MD: How a Post-Bacc Can Help

It’s definitely possible to make the switch from bedside nursing to a career as a physician. Here is some insight into how it works—and how a post-bacc can help.

Post‑Bacc Pre‑Med Program Rankings

Best Post‑Bacc Degrees

  1. Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  2. Johns Hopkins University
  3. Keck Graduate Institute
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Best Post‑Bacc Certificates

  1. Bryn Mawr College
  2. Johns Hopkins University
  3. Scripps College
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Best Value Post‑Bacc Degrees

  1. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  2. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  3. Purchase College SUNY
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Best Value Post‑Bacc Certificates

  1. Adelphi University
  2. UCLA Extension
  3. American University
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