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The team at Post-Bacc Program Guide researches, tracks, and shares the best post-bacc programs. We upload all AAMC-accredited programs based in the U.S. and split the programs up by degree-granting and non-degree granting (or certificate) programs.

Best Programs

  • Medical School Affiliations (0.50): At Post-Bacc Program Guide, we believe the number of formal relationships between the post-bacc program and medical schools is critical. Medical schools affiliate with post-bacc programs that graduate strong students. Therefore, the more affiliations the program has, the more stellar the reputation.
  • GPA Requirement (0.3): Not all schools outline MCAT requirements, but most outline GPA requirements. We used GPA requirements to help us determine the competitiveness of a post-bacc program.
  • Commitment to diversity (0.2): Each program was assigned a diversity index based on the total share of minority students. If diversity was not provided for the specific program, our team looked at the entire college/university’s diversity to calculate the index. Students who did not wish to identify themselves were excluded from the calculation. While diversity comes in many shapes and forms, not all programs provided access to the same data. Therefore, our team used ethnicity data as that was available for all programs.

Best Value Programs

  • Tuition (0.4): While all post-bacc programs may have the same goal (medical school acceptance!), not all programs have the same ticket price. For us, the best value programs have strong track records while not breaking the bank!
  • Affiliations (0.25): See explanation above.
  • Diversity (0.15): See explanation above.
  • Availability of Financial Aid (0.10): Many programs offer financial aid, but a lot don’t. This is an important factor to consider when identifying programs that will give you the best bang for your buck!
  • GPA Requirement (0.10): See explanation above.

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