Q&A with Dr. Janet Williams


Check out this Q&A with Dr. Janet Williams of Elms College about how their Master of Biomedical Sciences support students matriculate into allied health professional schools.

Q&A with Dr. Ashley T. Martino


We talked to him about what makes the MSHS unique, and how his program helps students prepare for medical school, clinical research careers, and other health profession programs.”

Pros and Cons of Pre-Med Post-Bacc Programs


They’re definitely a viable route to achieving your goal. In 2019, 15% of medical school matriculants replying to an Association of American Medical Colleges survey indicated that they had completed a post-bacc program of some type.

Pre-Med Post-Baccs for Career Changers: 4 Things to Consider


There are many pre-med post-bacc programs aimed at people like you. These are competitive programs, however, so you’ll want to ensure you know how to present yourself before you apply. Here are four common factors post-bacc admissions committees look for in career-changer applicants.

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